What are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology, was first introduced to the world in 2008 with the development of bitcoin. Since its inception, blockchain has evolved rapidly and today has applications beyond cryptocurrencies. Indeed, some have suggested that the next major revolution will be built on this new technology which promises greater transparency and security than any other platform before it.


This article aims to explore how blockchain is revolutionizing the world of online gaming and to present some of the top blockchain games currently available.


What is Blockchain?


The term blockchain comes from the chain of blocks or information. It can also be thought of as an algorithm or protocol which enables digital information to be shared across a network without being copied. This makes it different from usual data structures such as books or files where the data can be duplicated if (and usually will) be copied.


In an ideal Blockchain, there would only exist one single data structure, which would have to be accessed by all the network participants. The blockchain is a decentralized system that can store information and handle transactions between different users.


How does it work?


Imagine a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers, and this spreadsheet is always up to date for everyone on the network. This sounds like a perfect technology to easily create certain types of games!


Since all these users have access to the same document at all times, as soon as someone changes something in one place, everybody else can see this change immediately. It’s not only limited to spreadsheets: everything that can be stored digitally can also be stored on a blockchain. This includes money, titles of ownership, content, or even votes.



Blockchain Games

Technically, any game that can be played using cryptocurrency would count as a blockchain game. But the most popular games to date have been collectibles and trading games where players can breed and trade unique digital assets, such as CryptoKitties.


This has led to the rise of “blockchain-powered” gaming platforms, allowing gamers to play in-game with cryptocurrencies for rewards or cash them out like traditional currency



#1. CryptoKitties


The kitties are what made CryptoKitties famous; each one is unique, with the most valuable being sold at over 100 ETH (approx. $106,000). Hundreds of thousands of kitties have been created since the game launched, and their success started a trend in non-fungible tokens (ERC721)


#2. Etheremon

Etheremon is a game where you can find, buy, sell, and battle an assortment of unique 3D monsters on the Ethereum blockchain. You can then capture your Etheremons into different habitats to participate in monthly tournaments.


The company behind the project has recently released new features, including a decentralized battling and trading platform. Etherbots also used the same technology but had less success due to expensive building costs and time-consuming production. However, both games were early adopters of this revolutionary technology and proved that people would play and pay for games that benefit from it.



 #3. Cryptocities

Cryptocities is a city simulation game on blockchain where you can buy plots of land, build your cities, create companies or stores within these virtual cities, and trade with other players. Similar to CryptoKitties, owning a rare plot of land is almost guaranteed to increase in value over time. The game uses its own currency called Cryptos, which you can sell or store on your wallet to use later in the game.


#4. BitQuest

BitQuest is an open-ended MMORPG on blockchain that allows players to mine and craft items while exploring the virtual world around them. You can buy or sell items for Bitcoin within the game or simply find them while adventuring.


#5. CryptoBots

CryptoBots is another platform where users can create their own unique fighting robot and battle other robots for cryptocurrency rewards. And yes, this does mean it can be a real money pit if you want to win the more advanced robots. Like CryptoKitties, the game had a very successful pre-sale, selling over 500,000 of their own tokens.


#6. Decentraland

Decentraland is an open-world virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain where you can buy land and build on it. Each parcel of land is unique, allowing everyone to create, experience, and monetize content and applications. Users can also battle one another to control resources or trade with other players.


The first LAND auction was successfully completed in December 2017, with MANA tokens worth $24 million sold within minutes.


#7. Fishbank

Fishbank is another blockchain game where you collect crypto tokens by playing the game or purchasing through an exchange. The more fish you have, the bigger your chance of winning PvP tournaments, and you can also sell or trade your fish to other players.



  #8. Decentralized Kingdoms

Decentralized Kingdoms is a decentralized strategy MMO where you build your castle and defend it from other players. You can also battle and explore the kingdom to find rare resources.


#9. Mythereum

Mythereum is a card game where you collect creature cards and use them to fight other monster cards to earn Ethereum. Coins 4 Crypto has its own monster card that users can purchase for .000009 BTC.


#10. Age of Dragons – The First Mobile MMO on Blockchain

Age of Dragons is a mobile MMO (massively multiplayer online game) powered by blockchain technology that allows you to play with friends or anyone else across the world in real-time PvP mode. Users can also buy, sell and customize their dragon to look unique.


 #11. Ethercraft

Ethercraft is a game where you can buy, sell, and craft items on the Ethereum blockchain for free. This game has many features, including buying weapons, armor, potions, and finding treasure chests for your chance to win more tokens


#12. Augmentors

Augmentors is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game built by gamers and industry experts which allows users to create their own creatures called Augmentors through data collection. These collectible creatures are stored digitally, thus making the first-ever mobile AR game on the blockchain.