What are Trademark Classes?

Trademark registration is of great importance for all the companies present all over the world. when a company thinks of registering the trademark, it must first become familiar with other important points as well. one of which is the trademark classes. this may help the businesses understand the ifs and buts of the trademark registration in UAE.

importance of trademark classes

one of the most important reason, why the trademark classes are important, is that they protect your business in a lot of ways. The people get to identify your business and you can serve the world through the trademark you sign up for. The trademark classes serve a lot of purposes. One of which is that they help you cover your business and allow you to serve a particular kind of products and services.


Trademark Classes


A trademark classification is very beneficial for the businesses to understand because they help them get an insight into all the goods and services they can provide to the world. This is because there are different goods and services that can be served in each class. That is why it becomes mandatory for the businesses to only choose the class that suits their business as well.

You can never lump all the goods and services under one trademark class. While applying for the trademark registration in UAE, you are given proper options to choose from. You must choose the one that goes with the type of your business properly. If not, it will become a problem for you to deal in the market.


Purpose of trademark classes


The trademark classes of very high significance because they serve a number of purposes. Here are those;

  • It helps to provide the guide to the company for the registration of the trademark
  • It helps in identifying the infringers of the trademark


If you are having a trademark or a tradename that is ambiguous or is similar to another name that is already registered, you will not be allowed to register it because of the similar names. So, uniqueness is the key here. 


Do not choose the Wrong Trademark Class


Choosing the wrong trademark class can produce a lot of problems for you. This is because if you opt for the wrong trademark class, you might not get permission to register your business. Also, you will not even get your trademark class registration fee back in that case. That is why it is better to take every step with great attention or else you may create a lot of problem for yourself with your own hands. Business set up is a very crucial thing to handle. So is the trademark class registration. You do one mistake and you will have to carry out the whole process all over again. So, if you do not want to waste your time, you must be very careful right from the start.

Choose the most appropriate trademark class for your business and stay out of all the trouble that may delay the whole process of your company’s trademark registration. For more details about trademark registration steps click here.