We are living in the age of the digital revolution. Data is everywhere. This refers to the digital data stored in all the datacenters around the world, the data on every memory chip, CD drive and disk in the world. This makes us realize the enormous nature of the field of data science. Data science attempts to collect, organize and store this data and derive meaningful conclusions from it. The application of data science requires a specific problem, whose context is used to collect and analyze data to find the solution. 

With terabytes of data generated every second, data science offers immense potential for valuable use. SQL is the standard database used, Python is used in data visualizations and combined with several techniques such as clustering, regression, etc. to find patterns and trends in the available data. Data science is a fast evolving field, which is trying to keep up with the data boom in today’s times.


Data Science Course is ever-expanding. There is a shortage of trained professionals in the field of data science. Surveys have projected that by 2026, about 11 million jobs will be created in the industry. The current average salary for fresher in the sector is about 6 lakhs per annum. Tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft have immensely benefited from data science predictions and are always on the lookout for exceptionally talented individuals. However, these top-paying jobs usually require prior experience and an excellent educational qualification; such as a master’s degree or PHD.

Data Scientists can take up a variety of job roles. Most professionals have a strong background in mathematics, computers and analytics. Business Intelligence professionals are tasked with making quick, efficient business strategies based on the data available. Applications architects monitor that status of applications to optimize them. Data Scientists manage raw data and store, analyze and categorize data. Machine learning experts develop algorithms that enable computers to self-process data without explicit programming. Data scientists are constantly required in every field, including healthcare, business, security, education and nutrition. 


Data science is invaluable for brands in order to build an immersive customer experience. Data Science enables businesses to select the target audience for any campaign, gain feedback and win the trust of consumers. The business predictions based on past data analysis reduce the risk of failure and identify potentially unexplored domains. Data Science also enables organizations to manage their resources in an efficient manner. 

Without data science, all of our data would prove to be useless. Data is generated in varied formats such as media, audio or video. Most of the data is not neatly stacked up in a database. Data scientists are also equipped with tools for representing data in a visual format, thus making it easier to grasp for a non-technical audience. Data science facilitates machine learning and artificial intelligence. With further research, it can lead to innovation in all fields. 


Data science is a very lucrative career field. 360digitmg offers data science certification courses or Data Science Certification in San Francisco. These courses cover data science from the basics to an advanced level. The curriculum is designed by experts, providing real industry experience and support for jobs. 

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