What is Instagram and why do people use this?

Like Facebook or Twitter, anyone who has an Instagram account can create their profile and an information feed.

If you upload a picture or video to Instagram the post will be displayed on your profile. People who follow you can view your posts on their feed. You also get posts from other users that you follow.

Instagram is an improved variation of Facebook with a focus on mobile usage and sharing images. Similar to other social networks, users interact with each other by being their followers, comments, letting other users follow you, tagging, posting, liking, and private messages. It is also possible to save pictures you like on Instagram.

Apply filters and edit your Instagram Posts

Instagram has evolved a lot from its inception regarding the ways to post. When it was first launched in 2010 users could post images through the app and then apply filters, but with no additional editing options.

Nowadays, you can post via the app or on the website as well as upload your existing videos or photos from your smartphone. By the video kind and the type of post, an Instagram video can range from 3 seconds to 60 minutes long. When it comes to your photos there is a myriad of filters, and the ability to modify them.

If you press New Post (plus sign) to publish, you will be able to select an image or video within your collection to alter and then publish. Click the camera icon to create the photo. But there is no option is available for downloading videos on Instagram. If you want to know how to download a video then visit Inflact a video downloader for downloading all kinds of videos.

Make use of Instagram as a Social Network

On Instagram, the primary goal is sharing and finding the most appealing images and videos. Every profile of a user has followers and followers counts, which indicate the number of followers they have and how many others follow them.

If you would like to be a follower, visit their profile and tap Follow. If the user’s profile is private, they will need to agree to your request.

If you make a public account anyone can check your profile with your pictures and videos. Make the privacy settings on your Instagram privacy settings if you wish only those you have approved to view your posts. If you’re younger than 16 when you make the profile on Instagram, it’ll begin with a private profile by default. It is possible to later make it public.

If you’d like to connect with new friends or accounts that are interesting you can use the Search to browse through the specific information that’s highly recommended to you. Click Search then add a user, subject, or hashtag to the search box. You can then look up the word.

How to Share Your Instagram posts

When you apply the filter option and then make changes, you’ll be taken to a page in which you can write an image caption or tag other users, mark or tag any area, and then upload it to various social media networks.

After it’s posted, followers will be able to browse and interact with the post in their feeds. Tap the three dots on the top of the post to modify or delete it. Or, go to your profile and select the menu icon > Profile > Activity > Videos and Photos > Posts to choose several posts and then remove them all at once.

You can set up the settings of your Instagram account to have your photos shared via Twitter and Facebook, If these sharing options are highlighted, in contrast to being gray and inactive Your Instagram photos will automatically be posted to your social networks once you click Share. If you don’t wish to have your image to be shared on a particular social network, simply tap it until it’s gray and toggle it off.


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