What is the Newest RCA Tablet

Tablets have changed our lifestyle as they have everything easy. They are useful because they are handy to have and come in different types. They come in different brands to choose with each brand featuring a variety of models. At least each year there is a new brand on the market and the hard task is to choose the best tablet that is within your budget.

RCA is well-established and well-known brand name manufacturing electronics and is worth checking on. Amongst the electronics they produce are tablets that come in a variety of sizes and features. The following is the newest RCA tablet comparison:

2019 RCA Viking Pro 10.1” Touchscreen 2-in-1 Tablet Laptop

The Viking pro 10.1” actually is the best and probably the newest RCA tablet. It has an array of useful features that makes it stand out from the rest. It works as a laptop with the Android system and uses the Lollipop set up. It is the newest version and comes with a keyboard that can be attached and removed when needed.


Viking pro 10.1” runs Android 5.0 Lollipop and has storage of 24 GB free. It features quad-core MT81127 processor that runs at 1.3 GHz and 1 GB RAM memory. Its performance is better with most apps running smoothly. It is quite fast and can run smoothly when all apps are closed.


It is made of cheap rigid plastic that doesn’t attract fingerprints. It is 9.6mm thick and very portable although it is slightly heavy. It has a reset button and a micro-SD slot situated on the back. The micro-SD slot allows expansion of up to 128 GB. It has volume control and headphone jack. It also has a micro-USB port and micro-HDMI slot. It weighs 1.15lbs and its dimensions are 10.2” x 0.39” x 6.5”


The RCA Viking pro is a 10.1-inch screen tablet with a disappointing resolution of 1280 x 800 and 149 pixels per inch. Compared to other high end models like Samsung, this tablet is far away from being equivalent. However, it is capable of running videos in HD as the screen is quite pleasing.


This tablet has a compact keyboard featuring seventeen shortcut keys. The keyboard is 9.6mm thick, the same as the tablet itself. It is portable and can be attached to the tablet by magnets. It has a good trackpad with some limi0ted but useful multi-touch gesture abilities. You can opt to use a wireless mouse but not that when using a mouse; the right click takes you backwards.


The tablet has both the front and back cameras but are not so effective. They both offer 2 MP which can be of importance for just emergencies. It is suitable for those who are not serious photographers.


The speakers of this tablet are not good as they don’t offer the best sound quality. You can only use this tablet for basic purposes but if you want quality sound while using the RCA Viking pro 10.1” tablet, you will rather opt to use a Bluetooth wireless speaker via Bluetooth feature.


The RCA Viking Pro has a fair battery life which can last up to five hours when fully charged. When the percentage is about 20 percent, the tablet will notify you and provides an option of minimizing the brightness. The tablet takes approximately three hours to fully charge and when on standby, the tablet doesn’t consume any power.

This tablet is affordable and worth compared to its rivals. It is a tablet that offers basic features and the addition of a detachable keyboard makes it unique from most of its competitors. If you are one of the users who is not particular with resolution, multitasking capabilities, sound and other advanced features, then RCA Viking Pro 10.1-inch tablet is good for you.

RCA Voyager Pro 7 16 GB Tablet with Keyboard Case

The RCA Voyager is a 7” tablet that is affordable and readily available on market. It is suitable for kids and for anyone who wants to edit or create a document. It lacks advanced features and specifications hence suitable for individuals with average approach and usage. 

Features and specifications

This tablet is lightweight and has an excellent build quality compared to other tablets. It also has a decent storage and good display features as well. As earlier mentioned it lacks advanced features but is capable of handling daily tasks.

Performance and Hardware

The RCA Voyager is equipped with a quad-core processor that clocks at 1.2GHz. It handles all the multimedia smoothly although the speed is not much effective. There are no lags in apps and has good internet performance. It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and offers more customization compared to older versions. In addition, the RCA Voyager features 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM able to handle basic media files and documents easily. It has 16 GB of storage memory and allows you to expand the memory via the microSD card slot. 

Design and Display

It is well built weighing just 0.61 lbs making it very light and portable to carry for long with your hands. It has dimensions of 7.3” x 0.49” x 4.5” with a resolution of 1024 x 600 for good visual quality and brightness. The screen is 7” that gives you enough space to work with your documents. It has thick bezels that cover part of the screen. It has a speaker located at the back which offers enough sound.

Camera and Connectivity

The RCA Voyager has a rear webcam resolution of 5MP with digital zoom and auto-focus features. The front camera produces decent quality images. Other features include built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth version 4.0 for connectivity purposes. The connectivity features are stronger and faster. The tablet also has one microphone jack, one headphone jack and a microUSB 2.0 port.


This tablet features one Lithium-Polymer battery that can last up to 6 hours when fully charged. This is a decent power to watch your favourite movie and still connect to the internet.

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