What You Need to Start a Video Production Business

These days, online video is the most popular medium, so learning some video editing skills is a great idea. Whether you are looking for a new opportunity in marketing or want to start your own business creating online content or editing online video content for clients, starting your own video production business from home has never been easier, thanks to the internet. You can find clients online and offer a range of services from editing footage that they provide you with, to taking and editing the footage yourself. Here are some of the main things you will need to get started. 

Camera Setup

If you are planning to offer filming and editing services, then you’re going to need a good camera setup. The good news is that these days, getting a high-quality camera has become more accessible and affordable than ever. In fact, you could even film on your smartphone, with the latest flagship phones from brands like Apple and Samsung offering excellent, professional-standard cameras. Along with the camera itself, you will also need to think about accessories that you’ll need to get great footage including lighting and sound equipment, a gimbal for stabilizing your camera, and a tripod to name a few. 

Powerful PC

Once you have taken the footage, you are going to need a PC or laptop that is up to the task of editing. Since video editing is a task that can be quite resource-heavy, it’s best to look out for a laptop or PC that is designed for the job, like these Lenovo PCs for After Effects. To edit a video, you should look out for a laptop or PC that offers solid state drive storage, a powerful central processing unit, and a high amount of RAM at least. A dedicated graphics card can be helpful, although video editing does put more pressure on the CPU and RAM compared to any other component. You should also make sure that the monitor you use, whether it comes with the laptop or is a separate purchase to your PC, can easily be calibrated correctly for video editing tasks like color correcting and white balance. 

Website and Social Media

Once you have the basics you need to get footage and edit it, think about creating a website and getting set up on social media to show off your work. Even if you’ve yet to get your first client, it’s a good idea to create a showreel that you can post online by filming as much as you can and editing a selection of clips to show off your work. YouTube is an ideal social media site for video production businesses as you can not only upload your videos to the site but also easily embed them on your website for more views and engagement. 

If you are interested in video production and want to start your own business, filming and video editing is a skill in high demand today. To get started, you’ll need a camera and editing setup, along with an online presence.