Why Black Matt will Add Instant Sophistication to your kitchen?

By tradition one would always look to have a bright and a cheerful color for the place they work in. Be it an office or just a place where you hang out the most in, people want it to be bright at all time as it is said to help lighten the mood and set the tone straight. On the controversy to all these there is this trend of having the décor made in black, matt black to be specific. If not the entire room at least the major features of the room are made in black and everything else is built around it.

This trend of having the interior made in matt black is most commonly seen in kitchens over everything else. Having the kitchen made in to black themed room would be the last thing on your mind, as that is where you hang out most of the time and you want that place to be all colorful and cheerful at all time. This will complement your appliances such as Rotimatic Roti maker, kettle, frying pans and toaster. 

Black is seen as the exact opposite of that, where it seems to dull the room and make it a bit less cheerful if you might say. But talks around has been that, this matt black interior elevates the room to an elite standard and gives it that classy look that you would have never imagined your kitchen in. Check rotimatic official Facebook page.

How does this work?

We have all heard at least one of our friend say black adds an elegance to the place which leads us to wonder why matt black will add instant sophistication to your kitchen  and have wanted to try that ever since. If you are looking to have a matt black themed kitchen here is how it is done.

Having a black interior can be done in two ways.  You can either make most of the room black in color or make the key features of the kitchen in black to elevate the look of them. 

Matt black features

In this type of kitchen the room as a whole is designed to compliment all the elements that are being used in the kitchen. For instance, the faucet and the soap dispenser  in the kitchen is made in matt black and all the elements surrounding it like the sink base, the counter top are all chosen to compliment the faucet and not the other way round. 

The mugs and plates used and the dishes used are all made to be in matt black so that the counter top can be made in wood finish or in a light color give it that sophisticated look while dining. One can also make all the chairs and other utilities in the kitchen to be in matt black so that the rest of the décor in made to compliment them. All these will make sure the elements that are in matt black are elevated and give the entire kitchen a new look that you will love to be in. 

 Making the room black

 By making the room black, it simply means to make set the tone on the room in black. You can either have the cupboards and the cabinets in the kitchen in matt black. With this in most cases one entire wall in your kitchen will become black in color. Make sure that you choose the right appliances and other little things in the kitchen to match the black background of your kitchen. 

If you are going with this set up make sure all the other elements of the kitchen like the countertop, dining table, chairs and other things matches with the matt black and enhances the richness of the color black.

You can also choose to have the counter top, the tables and the chairs made in matt black. This way you can match the wall and the cabinets to match these elements and have a new look all together. In this design it is best recommended to have a marble backdrop for the kitchen with light colors splashed throughout the kitchen.


  • Rotimatic is recommended to go with grey color as it makes the matt black color pop out more to the naked eye.
  • While choosing other components for the kitchen make sure they are either made of wood or have a bit of pale color to it.

Switching to a matt black kitchen is a one way path. Once you have completed the interior of the kitchen in complete black you are sure to fall in love with the looks of the kitchen and will never want to go back to anything thing else. There are lot more matt black interior ideas in the internet and nothing is second to another as black can never be outrun by other colors. Once you have made your mind to go black with the interior of your kitchen or for any other room make sure you makes your choices right. Because with black everything has to be perfect, your decisions can either make it or break it.