Why dating apps have become the new Facebook nowadays

Why dating apps have become the new Facebook nowadays

datting appsLove has always been considered as an integral part of our life. If we consider the various important events in history, we will see that the motivation or depression that came from the various results of love have created different events of massive proportion. The search to find the significant other is thus, always there. Due to this, the concept of dating has developed in many different ways with time. With the advent of the internet and the increasing options of being online, the dating apps have been developed for the people to find their partners more easily.

With time, however, even this trend has changed. A lot of dating apps have been developed and are running in the market openly. One can even create dating website free of cost nowadays. The main outlook of these so-called dating apps has changed completely. Nowadays, they are more like social media, like Facebook. This sudden change of the mentality of using these dating apps for not just dating alone, but for using them actively as a social media like Facebook, has a lot of reasons. Certain situations and trends have come up for this sudden change as described below.

The concept of love has changed

Love as we knew it, has been seeming to become exceedingly rare nowadays. The love that is described in the stories, novels or movies seems like fairytales that are too good to be true. People nowadays have become casual. The concept of being another person only because they are in love seems so outdated, according to most of the people. People are looking more towards a casual fling rather than everlasting love, and this has ruined the entire philosophy of the dating apps itself. Even in the apps, people are connecting where both of the parties know that it is nothing but a method of time pass. Therefore, the actual interest in finding a partner does not remain. It has become more like a social media site like Facebook where people are too busy to portray themselves and show others how trendy they are or how they are available or not. People are using it for socializing, rather than dating purposes.

Socializing has become a trend by itself

People mostly go for following whenever a new trend hits the market, does not matter if it is good or bad. The general tendency of many people is to follow the majority of people because apparently, it makes them look very cool. Socializing itself has become one of the latest trends in society currently. From the very first days of Facebook, people have enjoyed the concept of socializing and using various other apps for the same purpose. Here, the dating apps are no exception either. With a lot of such apps being used in the market and with the increasing number of users, people have actually thought of using these dating apps for various other purposes, mainly socializing as it stands.

Boredom has hit most of the people

In recent times, life seems to go on very fast. Everyone is so busy with the work that they have barely time to take it out on themselves or enjoy and relax a bit. Everyone is always scheduled and busy with their works most of the time, so even if for a moment they get alone time to themselves, the concept of doing something interesting always comes up. Most of these people in their leisure time enjoy being in the presence of social media, and they try to make it up like that most of the time. Hence, it is of no surprise that the persons who are using the dating apps are trying to make it a social media platform like Facebook as well. Dating is interesting only when people are actually into it. With the casual mentality of people all around the globe, the dating apps are used more for socializing than more dating and it is really not surprising anymore.

People are looking for more ways to connect

Even if the modern casual mentality of lovers is cast aside for a moment, the general tendency of people is getting to know a lot of people, connecting with them and sharing an enlarged society with them, even more than finding the significant other. People need connections to survive as well, and social media is just one way to connect to people. Since a lot of people are in the dating sites nowadays, they have even considered the possibility to connect to more people through these apps and sites as well, just like on Facebook.


In summary, people are becoming more and more bored by the end of the day. The sheer tendency to get to know not only a single person but a lot of other people is what has made these dating apps more like Facebook nowadays.