Why do not find PCB manufacturers in Europe

Why do not find PCB manufacturers in Europe

pcbA board shows support mechanically and connect electrical and electronic components using pads, conductive tracks and other features made from one or more layers of copper sheets that are laminated between non-conductive substrate is called as PCB – Printed Circuit Board.

Within PCB, the components are soldered generally by both mechanically fasten and connected electrically to it. PCB is the simplest electronic products and used in all ways. It is also used in some electrical products like passive switch boxes and various other functionalities.

PCB Manufacturing Process

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) form the backbone of all major electronics. This device supplies direct current surrounding their surface using a network of copper pathways. The unique role of PCB (printed circuit board) is determined through the complex system of copper routes.

Step by Step process of PCB Manufacturing

Please find below the list of step by step procedure following for PCB Manufacturing:

Design and Output, From file to flim, Printing the Inner Layers (Where will the Copper Go), Removing the Unwanted Copper, Layer Optical and Alignment Inspection, Layer-up and Bond, Drill, Plating and Copper Decomposition, Outer Layer Imaging, Plating, Final Etching, Solder Mask application, Surface Finish, Silkscreen, Electrical Test, and Profiling & V-Scoring.

PCB Manufacturers dropped in Europe

The number of PCB manufacturers in Europe dropped from before now more than 1,400 to meanwhile just 230. After the (not very long ago) finished survey on the (related to Europe) PCB industry Data4PCB came to the end/end result that the remaining manufacturers not only have a right to exist and a chance for survival but are extremely important for the electronics industry in Europe.

Technologies made in the different countries are very (made to do one thing very well) and targeted to the industrial parts/areas located there and they play an important role in new developments. In addition to this, there are certain (reasonable/showing good judgment) reasons which prevent (paying someone else to do something) to low-cost countries (such are a protection of know-how or small volumes).

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Best PCB Manufacturer

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