Why SMS Marketing is Still Relevant

SMS marketing is a method in which promotional campaigns or transactional messages are sent by businesses and organizations for marketing purposes through text messages (SMS). The purpose of these messages is to deliver coupons, updates, and alerts to people who have subscribed to receive content from the business. As brands and businesses are constantly on the lookout for new ways to target potential customers, SMS has become an important part of multi-channel marketing.

Unfortunately, the digital age and the rise of internet-based technology have led to the misunderstanding that communication through SMS is on its way out and this could not be further from the truth. Even with the latest & greatest advancements in digital marketing, SMS has proven itself to be a medium that can withstand the test of time and its longevity can be boiled down to several reasons. In this article, we will take a closer look at SMS marketing to fully understand and appreciate this excellent marketing method.

1. SMS Marketing Makes it Easy to Personalize Content

Research has shown that customers have better responses to content and correspondence that is addressed directly to them and this is a fact that the whole marketing world can greatly benefit from understanding. The experts at this URL explain that with SMS, customizing your messages to include your subscribers’ names, as well as other relevant information depending on their preferences, can have many advantages for your business.

The key here is being helpful and thoughtful to your target customers, but not to the point that they feel uncomfortable when being monitored behind their backs. Of course, keeping your customers informed of certain processes and helping them to make the best decisions should be the eventual goal of every business and with the appropriate personalization of SMS marketing messages, the rate of customer engagement will increase accordingly.

2. SMS Marketing can be Used in Conjunction with Other Marketing Channels

Whilst SMS is an excellent method on its own, all marketing channels have to co-operate and respond well together in order for them to have positive effects. That being said, SMS can also function to enhance and support other popular tools of marketing. Social media and email in particular are two platforms that have been proven to work well when used side by side with SMS marketing.

For example, sending a text message reminding your customers to check their emails for mail you have sent them or to inform them of your business’s new post on social media can dramatically transform your customer engagement. In fact, an SMS reminder or prompt has been shown to increase email opening rates by as much as 30%. 

3. SMS Marketing Provides Immediate, Trackable Results

Tracking meaningful ROI, understanding customer engagement via SMS, and being able to monitor campaign delivery rates are all useful benefits of SMS marketing. Many critics of SMS marketing believe that it is untrackable but this is no longer the case.

The results of SMS campaigns can easily be tracked from the initial delivery to opening to the final result, especially with campaigns that offer customers discount codes or two-way messages. With that specific code or keyword, real-time results will be on display and this will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign & make it easier to measure which messages and promos are working and which ones aren’t. Based on those detailed analytics, a better understanding of the mobile database will be a key factor in deciding what necessary adjustments need to be made in your communication strategies going forwards.


4. SMS Marketing is Affordable

Contrary to the common misconception that mobile marketing requires heavy investment, SMS campaigns and the sending of SMS messages in large quantities is actually more affordable than other types of campaigns based on other digital marketing strategies. Sending text messages in bulk is very cost-effective and because you only send them to opt-in customers, there is little wastage. For those who are starting out, there is no need to follow the trend for a marketing channel that has yet to prove itself in the market when all you have to do is learn and customize an existing, proven model in SMS.

If you decide to dip your toe into the world of SMS marketing, there is so much information out there for you to learn from. SMS marketing has proven itself to be an outstanding method and investing your time and resources can certainly pay off with some significant returns. If you are considering integrating an SMS strategy into your marketing plan, analyze your customers, devise texts that will be engaging, and informative and you will reap the benefits.