Why Use Leadpages tools For a Website Word Count

Every business needs a landing page, because leads are needed for any business to survive and meet up with its business targets and goals. It is one of the most effective means of generating leads for businesses. However, before you can capture visitors to your site, you should be able to create good-looking landing pages with simple and inspiring designs. Fortunately for you, there are landing page builders available that you can effectively use to create one without wasting time. One of the most popular and effective landing page builders that we have today is the LeadPages. LeadPages is a greatest web-based business software that enables you to build your own optimised landing page that transforms clicks into customers. 


With the use of LeadPages, small businesses would be able to achieve their goals irrespective of intense competition in their line of businesses. However, there are Leadpages alternatives that one can try out – Unbounce, Instapage, Hubspot, GetResponse, Wishpond and others, when trying to create a landing page. But leadpages has proven overtime to be the best builder so, for businesses with websites.  Leadpages has the best marketing tools to transform any website to a hive of business activities and also helps in website word count. This is what differentiates Leadpages from other leadpages alternatives, in its ability to do the work of a web word counter, where the number of words on any page on the Internet are counted. Now the question, why use Leadpages tools For a Website Word Count, instead of other leadpages alternatives?


The reasons are found in the benefits users enjoy once they sign up to Leadpages, and these benefits include;


Access to over 130 professionally designed drag-and-drop landing page templates

It can be quite tasking when building a page, but not to worry, Leadpages will provide you with more than enough templates of pages that have high conversions. You can easily test different variations of your landing page, by using the drag-and-drop editing suite for customising templates. You can also use this tool to create a timed exit intent and also a two-step opt-in Leadbox popups.


Leadpages Editor 

The Leadpages editor is used to resize text, buttons and other content by clicking and dragging as seen in the browser window. The ease at which the Leadpages’ editor performs, shows that landing pages and Call-To-Actions can be created without the need for coding. The whole process is made accessible for users of different competence levels when it comes to designing web pages and counting words on websites.The on-page editor makes it extremely easy for users to view their content at various sizes at a glance.


A Call-To-Action tool

This tool is very essential when designing a landing page, because it compels website visitors into making a decision instead of passively browsing pages after pages without an action. With this tool, you can create a shiny, bright button, that can lure a prospective client to act by clicking to continue scrolling, or clicking to dig for more. This feature is what makes leadpages top other leadpages alternatives, because without this feature, a landing page could be less effective when converting clicks into purchases.