Why You Should Play Games On A 6 Monitor Setup

Whether you’re a professional gamer or you simply enjoy playing games, you’ll want to have the right equipment for your 6 monitor setup. Escapism is one of the main reasons people play video games so the more realistic you can make your game then the greater your enjoyment. Furthermore, video games offer so much in terms of competition, interactions, and ongoing feedback such that you’re motivated and energized. So, where do you start with finding the right equipment? The first step is choosing your desktop or laptop. In this case, having a Mac versus Windows 10 makes no difference but you’ll need the right processing power and graphics cards, amongst other things. You can check this out for state-of-the-art devices that provide everything you’ll need.

Competitive Gamers versus Hobby Gamers on a 6 Monitor Setup

The question is whether you really need 6 monitors for playing games? Perhaps a two or three multi-monitor setup is more than enough? In fact, this decision is very personal although most gamers agree that a multiple monitor setup, in general, is a benefit for both mac and windows 10 users. Overall, the main criteria you’ll want to consider are as described below:

  • Resolution
  • Speed
  • Performance of monitors


If you’re a hobby gamer then resolution might be the most important consideration for you. After all, you want to have fun in your digital world and not worry too much about the outcome. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to win but your salary doesn’t depend on it.

When it comes to resolution, there are three main LCD panels to choose from when getting your 6 monitor setup. These increase in resolution from TN to VA and IPS at the end of the range. Of course, there are other subtle differences but even competitive gamers often choose the lower resolution TN panels. This is because they value fast refresh rates that the higher resolution panels can’t keep up with. This might not matter to you though if you’re playing games as a hobby. In that case, you might want to go all out and opt for the top-of-the-range resolution. Don’t forget though it’s not just about resolution but also about the size of the image. Multiple monitor setups make everything that much clearer although you should check your power supply unit needs before jumping in.


Refresh rates are very important for professional gamers especially for fast-paced games where things can change in milliseconds. If the multi-monitor setup has the wrong processing power and graphics card then it can’t cope with updating the images that quickly. This could be the difference between winning and losing the competition, including the prize money. Therefore, the right computer with larger screens is hugely beneficial to provide both the power and the resolution. Again, though, it’s all that much easier on two, three, or even 6 monitors.

Performance of Monitors

As you might expect, monitors also have technical specifications on top of resolution. You’ll also be considering aspect ratio, contrast ratio, and power usage. Essentially, how your colors contrast as well as the geometric relation between width and height make a difference to your visuals. Clearly, professional gamers will want to optimize all these parameters and so will choose their monitors to suit them according to what games they play. It’s then important that the computer or laptop has a powerful graphics card to support these monitors. Last but not least, understanding your power supply requirements can help you track your electricity effectiveness. Also, whilst this might sound obvious, check your DisplayPorts to avoid buying the wrong cables that don’t fit into your ports.

Immersive Experience

A 6 monitor setup is a big benefit because the extra screens help make the game more real. You can arch them around so that you are surrounded by the game. Another option is to choose monitors that don’t have a bezel or the strip in between. This takes a bit of getting used to at first but can increase your feeling of being inside the game. Not only does this make the whole experience more fun but it will also help your reaction times as you yourself immerse into the digital world.

Graphics Cards for your Multi Monitor Setup

It’s worth mentioning that one of the key components that helps your image refresh rates, as well as your 6 monitor setup, is a video card. Most devices come with a graphics card, although many pro gamers install an external device because they want more power. This allows them to get even faster refresh rates. Either way, you should check that you have a minimum of 2GB of Graphics unit power but ideally, 4GB or even up to 6GB and 8GB.  Not only does this power your multiple monitor setup but it also gives you a higher quality visual experience.

Final Words on Gaming with a 6 Monitor Setup

So, should you play games on a 6 monitor setup? If you want a fully immersive experience with top-quality visuals then the answer is yes. Of course, if you’re a hobby gamer then two or three monitors might be a good enough balance for you. This is down to personal experience. Either way, why not play around with the different demo options in your local computer shop and see what might work best for you and your games?

Regardless of how many monitors you choose, you can only reach the resolution and speed quality mentioned with a device that supports a 6 monitor setup. This is because its processing power, graphics card, and overall speed can keep up with the demand for multiple monitors as well as the requirements for gaming. Also, a 6 monitor setup allows you to view the actual game properly because everything is on a larger scale.