7 Reasons Why It’s Worth Investing in Crypto

Cryptocurrency has been around for over 10 years now, and yet many people are still unsure about what it is and why we should be investing in it. 


Originally, the price of a Bitcoin was $1, but as Bitcoin grew in popularity and usability, a single Bitcoin is now worth around $13,000. That means that people investing 12 years ago will have made $13,000 from their $1 investment. That’s a ridiculous return that is unheard of anywhere else in the investment world.


As Bitcoin is becoming more available around the world, we can see that the future of crypto will be massive. Investing now will make you a lot of money in another 10 years’ time.


Here are 7 reasons why investing in Crypto is worth it.


1. Crypto Will Continue to Grow In Value For Years To Come

Let’s use the example we talked about above. Originally a single Bitcoin was worth $1, and 12 years later, that same Bitcoin is now worth $13,000. In 2030, Forbes suggests that the same single Bitcoin will be worth $500,000. This means that the worth of a bitcoin will jump up by 5000%.


If you were to buy a Bitcoin now, it would cost you around $13,000 just to get into the game. However, you can buy fractions of a coin to get into the market.


2. Buying Fractions of a Bitcoin is Possible

When we say you can buy a fraction, that doesn’t mean you are stuck with half a coin or a quarter of a coin as an option. Those will still cost you around $6,500 and $3,250, respectively, which is a lot of money for most people.


Instead, you can buy a fraction as low as 100,000,000th of a bitcoin. These are known as “bitcoin cent” or a Satoshi. If you buy 100,000 of these 100,000,000th coins, it will only cost you around $13, which is a lot more realistic.


If Forbes is correct, your $13 will grow to around $500 in 2030, which is just 9 years away.


3. Low Entry Barrier

Every type of investment has some kind of invisible barrier which prevents you from getting into the trade. These barriers limit people without the knowledge of the industry from getting into investing. 


Initially, Bitcoin was only really available to people with programming experience and technological literacy, as the terms and conditions were filled with jargon. 


Nowadays, anyone can invest in cryptocurrency as long as they are an adult. This makes cryptocurrency one of the most accessible types of investments to get into.


4. Flexibility

As cryptocurrency is all online, it doesn’t take long for you to buy or sell your crypto asset. In fact, this can take just seconds to go through if you are hoping for a quick release from the investment.


If you want the price to match a specific value, it still won’t take a long time for someone to buy your coin.


As soon as you buy or sell your Bitcoin, the money goes straight into your digital wallet, which means that, unlike stocks, the market is open 24/7.


5. Do It Now Or Hold Your Peace

At the moment, there is no governmental body protecting the users of Bitcoin, which means there is no regulation for the crypto landscape. 


When laws eventually enter into this space, you will not be able to buy Bitcoin without some sort of credit check or safety evaluation first. This will be to protect people who may lose more money than they can afford in the transaction, but it will turn this low entry investment into a high entry barrier.


6. The Money Will Be Yours

Most people don’t know this, but banks own your money. If a bank goes bust, they can hold onto your money as they search for ways to save themselves from bankruptcy. They can then use your cash to make deals with other banks.


The system is flawed and allows regular people to decline into bankruptcy themselves as they wait for banks to release their money. The banks can withhold their customer’s finances to protect a corporation.


With cryptocurrency, the money is yours. Crypto isn’t centralized, which means no one can hold onto a non-existent physical copy.


Your Wallet Is Private

As cryptocurrency isn’t centralized, this means that your money will be private too. The public cannot see this money, and it isn’t connected to your public ID. There are no real-world details about your personal life on these blockchains which means buying things with Bitcoin is the safe way to avoid cybercriminals.