Tips on how to be in safety using technology after divorcing

With all of the new technology inventions, we are getting deeper and deeper into that dependence from the tech. Moreover, we are in a situation where it is important to know a lot about that. Otherwise, it is going to be hard to live with all of the new things. To add to that, you will have to change your lifestyle a lot if you are not able to deal with everything techy. Still, if you take a look at the current state of technology, there are tons of things that make our lives easier. One of such things is online divorce services like Those help us get through the divorce cases much easier. They let you get all of your divorce papers for WA state much faster than if you were writing them yourself. They also let you save a lot of money when comparing to the divorce lawyers. However, technology may also be quite difficult to deal with at some points. And that is not because we do not know how to use it. It is just the fact that we are much easier to get online than in real life. This article will try to figure out some ways to protect your identity online after a divorce.

New phone number

The most useful thing that you can get during divorce is a new phone number. This way, if your ex decided that they want to call you drunk in the middle of the night to tell something irrelevant, they will not be able to. Moreover, they will not be able to follow most of the things that you will be doing, as most of our accounts are linked to mobile phones. This way, if you decide to use a new app, they will not be able to find out, as you are not in their account list on the phone. However, be careful not to forget about the switch and do not call them from that number if you need something.

Transfer everything to email

Even if you are not able to change your phone number, make sure to inform your ex to communicate with you via email. Most people would think that messengers are a nice way to go. And that is true if your relationship ended in a friendly way. However, even in that case, you may want to transfer all of the communication to the email. The reasoning is simple – it is harder to write something rude on email. And that is something that you are surely not able to delete. Therefore, if you say something that another person finds offensive, you may end up paying for that. That is because your ex might easily go to the court with the screenshots. Therefore, if you are willing to still share some documents and, maybe, messages, make sure to do it by email.

Social media

Today it is easier than ever to follow someone’s life. You do not have to get a spy to do that or do that yourself. All you need to do is just follow a person online. And that is a huge thing to have if you are willing to stay in someone’s life. Therefore, if you do not want your ex to be in your life at all, make sure to start from the online world. That is where they will get the most information about you. Get them out of your life by unfollowing their accounts on websites like Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, if you want them to be gone forever, make sure to also block them. This way they will not be able to ‘ghost’ your pages. This way you will get yourself out of a lot of trouble. Also, making your account private will prevent them from following your page from a new account.