What are the requirements for running an ARK dedicated server

ARK survival evolved is an amazing gaming server. By this, you can drive dinosaurs around wide terrains, live out all your fantasies, and chase woolly mammoths with your crossbow across the mountains. Whether you build massive worlds, draw your imaginative creatures, or simply host a world for your friends to play, all is the best for the job.

Before starting:

When creating an ARK server hosting, you have two options. You can either set it on a personal computer or by paying a little amount of monthly fee, you can host online. ServerMania offers cheap cloud hosting and with this, you can set up an affordable ARK game server online. You can set it up on the best hardware that ensures the lowest latency. It will give you the best gaming experience because there will be a fast network and will be online 24/7.


The things you require for running an ARK dedicated server are:

First, your OS should be a 64-bit OS. The server has already been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and also supports any window host wherever the prerequisites can be installed.


The server needs at least 6GB RAM to initiate. Commonly, it requires 8GB RAM. As the number of connectors/players is increased, the memory requirements also increase. It also depends upon your mods/settings and configurable options. On the windows server, the server utilizes 2.3GB RAM without the clients. The installation utilizes 3.2GM RAM on Linux without any clients. Hence, mods increase RAM more than others.


There are several ports and the server listens to the incoming connections on those ports. Make sure that whether your network connections allow these ports and direct them to the host who will be running your server or not. One can also host more than one dedicated server on the same host. But make sure that the CPU and memory are monitored with care if they are busy servers and not the test servers.

Apart from that, at least 20 GB disk space is required. And 2 CPU cores too.


Steam ARK game folder provides the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable. In the steam ARK game folder, DirectX can be found.


32-bit binaries will be required by 64 bits Linux server to install steamcmd. Glib 2.14 or larger is required by the game server. This requirement is satisfied automatically by Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 8 but older versions do not satisfy this. You can run the commands to install the required version of glibic on Debian 7 and to update the available packages list of the host and install the updated glibc library package.

All this will not update the host to Debian unstable and only the glibc will be updated and along with that any packages it depends upon.


For both the Linux and the window, the dedicated server is available. SteamCMD is used to download the server files for both platforms. For server installation, install SteaCMD on the host. Then create a folder to place the server files with a space of at least 15GB from free disk space. It is acumen to plan for saves and updates of future content which consumes additional space. Then launch SteamCMD and try it to download the server files. You can use for survival evolved the app id 376030 and can use 445400 for the survival of the fittest. Then run the command line. After that, form a script to launch the server with the options and settings of your choice. For simplicity, place it in that folder where the server files were downloaded. On Linux, it is a shell script and for windows, it is a batch file. In the end, to launch the server, operate the script formulated previously. 

Run a beta branch:

Sometimes it happens that the events are implemented into a so-called branch and not in the main game. You need to change the branch to operate this.

After that, you need to check the instructions for windows (Firewall and allow rules) and the OS X (firewall application). Then go through port forwarding.

Port forwarding:

Many websites offer tutorials on port forwarding. Which ports work depends upon you. You should forward both the TCP and the UDP for the server to appear on the list. Make sure that ports are open.

Find your server in the list:

Steam servers list or ARK list can give you access to your server. Just search and find your IP address. You can add your server to the favorites so that it may not be difficult for you to search it every time.

Then check the scheduled task from windows or Linux and manage it. Then update the server and console the commands, then back up the server data and check troubleshooting problems.


Your system must meet specified criteria before running an ARK survival dedicated server. You must need at least 64 bits window system or must be on the Linux Operating system. At least 6GB RAM is a must but 8GB is recommended for better performance. Moreover, the computer should be separate for both gaming and hosting. The computer must have at least 2 CPU cores per ARK server at 3.0GHz+. This will allow hosting to 10-15 players and for more players, additional CPU cores are required.

If the CPU and RAM are not enough, you will go through a game lag and the speed will slow down. The more your world is bigger and amazing, the more the power drag will be on your CPU.  Hence you will have to add more CPUs for adding more players.

Your dedicated server hosting computer must be plugged into a UPS. If a crash occurs in your server, all the data will be gone and everything will be lost. Power failure can also corrupt the saved file. Hence make sure that you have the latest 20GB disk space. The server takes that much only for the install folder. Once everything up till now is managed, then you can download the steamcmd.exe file.

Now when everything is set, and you know the basics of ARK dedicated server requirements, and then you can continue to build your dream world. When you have got all this knowledge, go and defeat your enemies and discover the world.