What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a mosaic-technique art. Crafters use multifaceted rhinestones/diamonds and apply these on a patterned self-adhesive canvas to create a sparkly art piece.

Diamond painting is an easy and fun craft. Crafters practice diamond painting as a relaxation therapy. Anyone can choose to do it from any gender, age or background. It is a relaxing procedure with awesome results. It’s addictive and people enjoy seeing a masterpiece being made. Also, it creates the least mess. Some also make and sell kits or painting itself.

What are diamonds and its types?

Crafters label these small colorful crystals as diamonds. When applied, the diamonds reflect light. As a result, these make the art piece shine. These are available in different shapes and colors. Few common types of diamonds used in the diamond painting art are given below:

  1. Square diamonds; the square diamonds cover all of the space. Hence, it gives a full mosaic look with no canvas shown.

      2. Round diamonds; it is easier to apply round diamonds. You can see the canvas between the diamonds applied.

       3. 3D diamonds; 3D diamonds have 3 facets. Usually square diamonds are 3D.

       4. 5D diamonds; 5D diamonds have 5 facts. More facets of crystals give more reflection. Hence, the art piece looks more sparkly. Usually, round diamonds are 5D.

        5. Aurora Borealis; These diamonds have a special coating on them. These are shimmering and undoubtedly give the best reflection.

Types of kits

According to the area covered, two types of kits are available;

  1. Partial drill kit: Partial drill kit has a canvas where the entire area is not to be covered with diamonds. 

      2. Full drill kit: As the name suggests, entire area of canvas is supposed to be covered with crystals.

Two ways to do:
Crafters, according to their working method, can choose between the following two ways to do it:

  1. You may choose to work your way down the canvas. Starting from the top, go down the canvas and do it section by section. This one is the most common way of doing diamond painting. Doing one color at a time in sections is recommended.

       2. Alternatively, you may work with diamonds of one color at a time. Get done with one color and then start the next one. 

Diamond painting kit

Diamond painting kit from all diamond painting is a set of items that you need to do the painting. Many craft stores offer ready-to-use diamond painting kits. Ready-to-use kit have following items included;

  • Pre-painted canvas with the self-sticking layer.
  • Rhinestones. These are labeled according to colors in different bags.
  • Tweezers
  • Diamond applicator tool
  • Adhesive wax


The process is very easy. Follow the below-given instructions;

  1. Unpack the purchased kit. Lay the canvas flat and tape its corners. Flatten out creases, if any.

        2. Partially remove the protective film on the canvas.

         3. Read the canvas. Refer to the table given along to identify which color of a diamond is meant for a number/ shade according to the pattern.

         4. Use the tray given with the kit to set the diamonds. The flat side of diamonds should be facing downwards to ease the application.

          5. Dip the given pen tool in wax.

           6. Press the wax-applied pen tool on a diamond to pick it up.

           7. Based on the color code, press the diamonds on the canvas. The diamonds will get stick due to adhesive film there. Alternatively, some crafters use a tweezers to apply the diamonds. It is a personal choice.

          8. Continue doing so bit by bit. The result is a mesmerizing sparkly art piece.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Experts have learned by experience some do’s and don’ts of doing a diamond painting. These are some diamond painting tips and tricks to follow. Few are listed below:

  • The key to creating a perfect diamond painting is organization. The canvas should be laid on a flat and hard surface. Also, there should ideally be no distractions for the crafter.
  • Double check, verify the color codes and match them with diamonds. Better, stick a diamond aside every code on the canvas.
  • Remove the covering film bit by bit. It protects the design from dust and other environmental factors.
  • Decide for one which way to work. Crafters either work way up the canvas or they do one code/color at a time. This is a personal choice.
  • Do cover everything after getting done to save it from wearing off.
  • Once done, press all the diamonds in the canvas with roller tool. This ensures every bit has safely stuck to the canvas.
  • It is always better to get the painting framed and sealed.
  • Watch a few tutorials on YouTube before starting the process in actual.